Sunday, September 12, 2010


I can't believe summer is almost over! Every day I get a little closer to moving to NY with Joel :)
These past few months have been hard not having him around. I have lots to keep me busy though. Working on trying to get the house in order to move, learning all the new things I have to learn about my new job. Speaking of new jobs both Joel and I are LOVING our new jobs. I am sad that I am going to have to be leaving mine. I love my unit as well as all the people I work with. It is going really well and I am learning tons!
Some fun from this summer:
Joel and Christopher at the Family Reunion at California.

My Best friend in the entire world is getting married in October! So exciting :). She was down in California from portland for a friend of hers wedding and we went out in San Francisco to celebrate!

My summer would have been so much longer and worse waiting for it to be december if it hadn't been for another of my best friends Jenn!! We had a great time floating down the river and hanging out at my house. I am also excited that she is going to be ONLY 3 hours from Albany when I move to NY

Getting ready to head down the truckee river.

In more exciting news on September 10th I became an Aunt again! My sister Erika who is ALSO 3 hours from Albany (In a different direction than Jenn) Had an adorable little girl.

Meet Rena Susan Warner.

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The Yeager Family said...

Time is flying by, isn't it? I'm glad you've had some fun while waiting to get to NY. Your new niece is beautiful!!
Wish we could have seen you at the reunion.
Christmas for sure!