Thursday, March 18, 2010


Is coming so fast. It is officially less than two months away. It almost doesn't feel real that in that short of a time we will both be finished with college! I don't think we are going to the actual graduation though. From my experience with graduations it is usually boring and long and often hot. :) However, as a nursing student I do have convocation to go to, which is a graduation ceremony with me and the 46 other nursing students I have gone through school with. That should be lots of fun because I will actually know everyone walking across the stage. All that is left after that is pass NCLEX and hopefully get a job. I had job interviews last week at Renown here in Reno, I think they went well and I should find out next week more information on how they went. I still can't believe it is so close. Joel and I are SUPER excited. Joel of course is SUPER busy as well. He is working sooooo hard this semester, as he has since he went back to school. It is a little crazy, but it will all be worth it come May.