Monday, May 4, 2009


Okay so I havn't posted in a while. It has been pretty busy around here for the two of us. School is turning out to be very challenging for both of us this semester and takes a whole lot of our time. We are both loving it though, but still can't wait for the end of the semester, which is in a week! Then we get a whole week off and start again for our summer semester. We are both going to school this summer. My classes are going to be crazy! 17 credits in three months. This last semester was a lot of fun. It was hard, but I have really enjoyed it. I have learned a lot, and seen a lot of interesting stuff as well. Nothing yet that makes me wish I had picked a different career choice so thats a good thing. We are both going to graduate a year from now, which makes it easier to get through it, knowing the end is near... well the end for now :P.

The house is coming along well. Still a TON of work to do on it, but the work we have done has turned out pretty good. I promise I am going to post pictures soon.