Monday, January 18, 2010

It's been a while!

So I just realized that I have not posted a new blog since AUGUST! Okay I am a slacker. Joel and I have been soooo busy with school this last year. However, the end is in sight. We both Graduate in MAY!! Something that we are both so very excited about.
We had a good winter break, even though Joel had to take a winter session class. It was nice to have the time off school, almost 5 weeks for myself and 2 for Joel. Joel as usual has been busy working on school work and programming projects even when he is not in class! I have been enjoying my time off school, studying a little for my liscensing exam and working a bunch. I had a nice visit down with my family in Sacramento for a few days!
In other news we just got a new dog! We adopted him through the Humane Society. Symba is a 4 year old German Shepherd/Rottweiler. He is adorable and him and Rasha seem to get getting along okay. He is very well behaved and housebroken, knows a few commands and does well on a leash. All very exciting for a dog from the shelter. We just have good luck it seems.

Here are some pictures from our recent adventures!

We got a pretty decent amout of snow at the beginning of september! The dogs LOVED IT! Rassha especially loved running around in the snow.

We had a really fun Halloween party! I was a fairy! Joel dressed as Billy Idol, complete with awesome hairdo as well!


The Yeager Family said...

Looks like you guys are squeezing a little fun in with all the school and work! We can't wait for graduation. We miss you guys. Cute new dog!

Tyree said...

love the billy idol look! :) lol
Fun pink hair too!
Congrats on Graduation and all.